Everyone loves to get fun mail! Send your bestie a Valentine's Day Card!

You and your friends
are amazing :)

(You know it's true.)

But let’s get real a moment...

Now that you are in the real world (more or less), the time spent actually hanging out with your friends is sometimes few and far between.
Sure you can “see” them online and on social media, but digital communication is so ingrained in our lives that it doesn’t feel special.*
These messages to and from your friends get ignored or glanced at and then forgotten.
Your relationships with the friends you have made are suffering. You and yourself drifting apart and moving on.

The thing is, you can get closer with your already BFFs –AND– you can forge deeper connections with new friends, too.

Doesn’t that sound good?

The best part is, it’s someting you can do in as little as 5 minutes here and there.

* Disclaimer: Yes, I think social media is fun and it has its place, but it can feel so over-saturated and both under and overwhelming at the same time to me.

It’s time to go beyond sending an email, text or DM.

Go analog.

Go deep.

Give joy.

Make the kind of friendships that last a lifetime.

It’s time to send out some snail mail that is as amazing as you & your besties.

(Drug store cards are pretty much the worst. You and your girls require cards that celebrate your collective #GirlSquad awesomeness.)
Your cards should be sweet and fancy but with personality infused to make them truly and uniquely perfect for you, and your friend too.

Put your inside jokes
inside an envelope and
send it out IRL.

Let’s start a movement.

Let’s be real in this digital age.

Send the perfect surprise letter through the post & make your friend’s day!

I create sweet & sometimes snarky paper goods that celebrate your unique, funny, & BFFL friendships.


I’m a hand lettering, letterpress printing, ink mixing ninja. I sometimes have a strange sense of humor and I love to laugh so hard that I cry.
I understand that good friends are hard to find and keeping them (sometimes over long distances) can take work.

I believe that sending and
receiving a thoughtful
note in the mail has
the power to change lives.

My cards and art prints are perfect for:
Sending a surprise to your BFFs
Sharing memories and inside jokes
Making you and your friends LOL
Inspiring you to deepen your friendships
I’ve been featured in Stationery Trends Magazine, on Oh So Beautiful Paper, Paper Crave, Felt & Wire, and have been a National Stationery Show Best New Product Finalist. I’ve done design work for Starbucks, Nordstrom, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, and have worked in pretty much every design environment possible.

I have discovered from all that, is that there is nothing better than making what you’re passionate about for the people who matter to you most.

A little bit more about me:
When I’m not making stationery, you can find me with my family, driving carpool, running, or eating carbs.
I am obsessed with paper, crafting, design & printing.
I crave that warm, fuzzy feeling I get when someone I love takes the time to send me something unexpected in the mail.
I create my products, and upscale stationery DIY projects, because I love being able to help you to do some- thing fun, easy and meaningful to build deeper stronger connections with the friends that matter to you most.
If there is one thing I want to be remembered for it’s this: I brought unexpected joy into someone’s day.

Here is something fun :)

  • What do you like to do?
  • What do you think is funny?
  • Share your inside jokes and sense of humor with me!
I would love to turn yours and your friends moments into hand lettered, letterpress printed cards!
Send me an email!
Tag me on Instagram!
Send me a Snap at @bunnybearpress!
If your message is chosen and created, I’ll send you the finished letterpress card, and some goodies for free!


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