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What is letterpress printing?

Letterpress printing is a specialized printing process that uses antique printing presses, and raised artwork on plates, handset type, etchings and/or linoleum block cuts to create a print where the design is literally pressed into the paper leaving an impression you can see and touch.

When you handle a printed piece look for the impression. Look for the ink. Look for the imperfections. And know that this printed piece was not solely made by a machine running thousands of copies and hour, but made by a true craftsperson who has dedicated hours in perfecting not only their method but also the piece you are currently holding.

A detailed blog post showing my printing process is in the works.

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How do you make it?

My design process starts with a sketch. I get my artwork into my computer and convert my artwork into vector art. Separating each color into it’s own layer.

I do this because a letterpress machine can only print one color at a time and the art must be layered. Once this is complete I send out for letterpress plates.

Once my plates arrive I hand-mix all of my inks to match Pantone colors. This way every time I print my designs I know that the colors are going to be a perfect match from run to run.

I get my plates set up perfectly, evenly distribute the ink, and make sure the impression depth is even and at a desired amount on my press, then I am ready to print the first color.

Every printed piece is fed through the press one at a time and one color at a time. So when you see something that has more than one color the entire printing process has taken place for each color you see.

A detailed blog post showing my design and printing process is in the works!

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Sure thing! Just select your shipping method at checkout. 

What kind of paper and envelopes do you use?

I use French Paper Co. for both my cards and envelopes. French Paper Co.  is and has been an environmentally friendly company for over 140 years. If you’re interested in learning more about them go here : http://www.frenchpaper.com/environment

What are your Green practices?

I try to keep my paper usage to a minimum when doing set up by using the same sheets of paper over and over again to line everything up before I print my run of cards. I use French Paper Co. paper products which have a long history of green practices themselves. I also use vegetable oil when cleaning up my ink off of my press.


Do you offer gift wrap?

I do! Just let me know in the notes section of your order which part of your order you want wrapped.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Bulk discounts are offered in the form of my package sets. If you know you want more than a few of the same card, that is the way to go.

Do you offer custom design and lettering projects?

I do, but due to the time consuming nature of this process these are taken on on a case by case basis. I am currently booking projects 2 months in advance. The best way to get in contact with me if you are interested in working one on one with me on a special project is to please fill out my questionnaire.



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