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September Check-In Report and Summary

September Check-In Report and Summary

Whoa, how is it already October! I feel like I just wrote a progress report for July/August and here I am doing it again for September. It probably feels that way because the last few reports have all been double months. I think the year is accelerating. September was over in a blink of an eye. School started and my days have been packed with lots of commuting my kids back and forth.

I have so much more time on my hands for work, but at the same time my other project, which I haven’t really talked much about in year, is picking up steam and requiring more of my time and attention. You probably don’t remember but I did talk about it here in this blog post from a little more than a year ago: How to get more than 24 Hours in your day.

Image of a house being demolished

The big project is that I am building a house. I know what you’re thinking: “you are crazy!” And you may be right. It’s not enough that I have 3 kids, and that I am hustling hard to get Bunny Bear Press off the ground, but I then decided to throw a huge construction project into the mix.

So flash forward about 14 months after the purchase of the home, the old house has been demoed, and the new house is in the process of being built. Up until this month it didn’t require me to be in person and on site all that much. Everything I could do pretty much on my own time (mostly late at night) at my computer, or in a meeting or two (or 4) in an showroom.

But this month things are really picking up steam and I have been needed to confirm on site all sorts of decisions I made several months ago on paper. This has been probably one of the most exciting projects I have ever tackled. I have learned so many new skills and to trust my intuition more in this process. It has been empowering. It has also been exhausting.

This month I don’t really feel like I have too much to report. To be honest September was a bit of disappointment as far as sales and such goes. But as always I am going to try to find that silver lining.

September STATS

91 promotional emails extending my Seattle Gift Show Special for my holiday line to my store list.

4 new newsletter subscribers

1 Big Press Win (The Paper Chronicles)

(This really belongs in next month's report but this morning I had my first Podcast Episode Interview post with Proof to Product by Tradeshow Bootcamp)

0 New Wholesale BFFs

The Silver lining

I have to believe I am planting seeds. These seeds are going to grow into flowers but they will take time and they need to be watered. I don’t know if this is other people’s experience or not but this Wholesale Focus is not for the faint at heart. You think “I am going to send this out and everyone is going to love it and buy my products!” but it just doesn’t work that way in my experience.

It is a slow slog.

It is A LOT of crickets.

I have to hope that my tenacity will win out in the long run. As I do this more and more and get my name out there more and more the returns will eventually be there.

The biggest struggle is how to stay in business in the meantime and make enough money to get out there in front of the buyers at in person events like the National Stationery Show, NYNOW, the Las Vegas Gift Market, and many others.

The Plan for October

I am going to keep reaching out to retailers about my new Holiday line till the end of this month. After that I am going to really focus on my next big release and planning for 2018, it's going to be here before we know it.

I am going to be on site at my house project a lot through this month and the rest of the year until it’s done and we move in–fingers crossed it doesn’t get too much more behind schedule. 


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