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Why I decided to rebrand and relaunch bunny bear press

Why I decided to rebrand and relaunch bunny bear press

Welcome to the new blog! If you have been following me since before my rebrand I wanted to say thank you so much for all of your support!

Having you with me on this journey makes me so happy 😄  If you are new to Bunny Bear Press then I want to say, Welcome! I am so glad you are here!

I want to make a positive impact in the world and those around me in ways that feel loving, inclusive and authentic. I want to always be growing, changing and evolving in my work and life.  

Life is the biggest "in progress" project. Every day brings a new opportunity to make the life we want.

Opportunity Looks Like Hard Work Lettering Image

Here is the cliff notes version of how I went from a lazy kid to a kick ass stationery designer and letterpress printer.

High school Me: "I want to get married." Dad says "No you must go to college first."

Me: "FINE, I like to paint. I want to be an art major." Dad says "No you must do something that makes money."

Me: flips through course book points at graphic design and says "How about that?"

College Me: • Takes art classes is happy. • Moves to Seattle with BF is happy. • Takes first letterpress class, falls in love with feeding the press.

College Graduate Me: Gets married, and gets first design job. My love for print and printing presses grows.

Graphic Designer Me: Starts to wonder, "Could I have been a printer in a previous life?" The smell of a press room feels like home.

Working Professional Me: Works in large and small design firms, on large and small in-house design teams, in an ad agency and even a direct marketing firm (which was completely soul sucking, I think of it as the equivalent to a print designer’s own personal hell–I know it was mine) over the course of 3 years.

**Job Market Crashes while I'm on vacation with my husband in Europe, we decide to start a family. My oldest daughter is born.**

Mom Me: Work not as important as it used to be–still needs creative outlet. Remembers love of printing presses and buys Penny, starts Bunny Bear Press. Has baby number 2.

Small printing press

Penny is a Kelsey 3x5 letterpress machine. Historically sold door to door to little boys as a toy press, she weighs over 40 pounds.

Letterpress Printer Me: Buys first real press 2 years later. And becomes a making machine. Turns focus from custom work (which never really went anywhere anyway 😒 ) to making greeting cards. Flash forward 8 months, I'm on my way to the National Stationery Show with The Ladies of Letterpress.

Getting ready at the National Stationery Show in 2014

Here's me with my wholesale debut line. 

Stationery Company Owner Me: Went to New York with BIG DREAMS and even BIGGER EXPECTATIONS. Came home with bigger dreams and baby number 3. 

Sleep Deprived Me: Finds seanwes podcast and binges. Decides to take my business to the next level with laser focus. Everything began to change.

Soul Searching Me: Thinks about: "Why do I want to make things? Who do I want to reach? Why is it important to me? What difference do I want to make in the lives of others?"

You Make Me Happy Lettering Image

Clarity Me: I decide to be true and really listen to that little voice in my head. I dyed my hair violet, discovered that my lifelong desire to make best friends coupled with my creative need to create paper goods could come together.

1. Who doesn’t want friends that “get” them? 


2. Who doesn’t love getting mail from their friends?

With these forces combined some pretty amazing things can follow.

Bunny Bear Press Me: I redesign my logo, making it less cutesy and more friendly. I scrap my whole line. I begin writing down all the silly, strange, funny, and disturbing thoughts that pop into my head that I think might make a good card. AND I start doing something else that I have always wanted to do, but never made time for––hand lettering.

In January of 2016 I took on the HUGE task of designing this website on my own. I’m not sure why I thought it would take 3 months?!? But here we are, 6 months later, finally launching this baby out into the world.

This has been quite the journey and it’s only beginning. I have so many things planned for this site, this blog, my greeting card line, and the Pen Gals Club. I can’t wait to get started!    

Effort + Time + Love is a magical equation for so many things.


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