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October Check-In and Summery Report

October Check-In and Summery Report

October was basically a month long struggle with anxiety. It is kind of ironic because it coincided with me releasing my Can You Really Have it All? Series. I think it ended up being a reminder and love note to myself. Sometimes while writing my blog posts I am really giving myself some much needed advice that I think can benefit other people going through the same things as well. I by no means have it all figured out. This whole work/life/kids thing is really fucking hard.

While going through the editing process of that 3 part series, especially the third part, I had the realization that I really needed to start slowing down and take care of myself. It isn’t really a work/life/kids balance if I don’t fit myself into the equation.

If they well is empty then you can’t fill other people up with the things they need.

The biggest and best thing I did for myself last month was to try floating in a sensory deprivation tank. It was glorious. 90 min of silence to let my thoughts just wander where they wanted to go. I would describe it as meditative but I have never really meditated so I can’t be sure. But I would recommend this to everyone--even it the thought makes you feel claustrophobic or afraid to be alone with your thoughts for an extended period of time.

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I spent the bulk of my “work”  time last month dealing with house issues. (In, case you didn’t know, I am building a house from scratch and a few things that I thought I had solutions to kept popping up as issues I had to solve and resolve due to no fault of my own.) It’s probably why I was so stressed out. I hate fixing something only to have it keep reappearing. When I am done and have moved on, I don’t like to start over again. Give me new problems, and struggles to figure out any day, but never the same thing over and over again.

I did manage to get through a few things to keep my business goals going with all the other obligations and tasks I had on my plate last month. So here are the stats:

October Stats

91 emails sent to retailers to show them glamour photos of my cards and not just the typical digital representation of the letterpress cards.

4 blog posts

9 new newsletter subscribers

4 newsletters sent

1 New Wholesale BFF

1 wholesale BFF Reorder

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Plan for November (now that it is half way over!)

I have a new business idea that will become the umbrella company for Bunny Bear Press that I am playing around with. I am starting to figure out how to make it work and what I should focus my time on. I have one more semi-marketing mailer planned for this year which is a fun Holiday card. I am also still working on my Big Birthday Card release which is going to be happening after I move early next year!


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