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March Check in Summary and Report

March Check in Summary and Report

This year is going so fast. I can’t believe it is already April.

Q1 is over and on to Q2.

So far this year has been disappointing as far as my dollar numbers have been going. Getting a business off the ground is HARD (everyone says this but somehow they think that things will be different for them, I know I thought this!). I am hopeful that I am laying my ground work for the rest of the year and I am going to keep at it, trust the process and hope it pays off.

I woke up early and wrote almost every day in January and February but this month I only wrote 10 days. I think it is a mixture of the time change with daylight savings, my son deciding his new wake up time is 2 hours earlier than before for no good reason, and my New Years resolution wearing off.

But it is also the downright depressing nature of cold emailing people you would love more than anything to work with and hearing crickets.

From an intellectual standpoint I know that these buyers and most often business owners are crazy busy like me (see previous post). They wear all the hats and they too are busting their butts to get their businesses to flourish. Buyers get so many emails and requests from people like me that it is impossible to reply to them all. I get that.

But emotionally this shit is hard. It’s no wonder that persistent people (in general) who won’t take no for an answer until they actually hear them say NO are able to be successful. I am in the “paying my dues” process of my wholesale outreach. It’s good to remember that and not get discouraged and keep on going.

What did I spend my time doing this month?

I spent nearly all of my time belatedly planning my NSS release and beginning to create the artwork for it. I am so far behind in this process it’s actually making me a little nervous. I keep seeing people posting sneak peeks on Instagram–and I am still creating. I keep telling myself that it will be OK. I am not actually exhibiting this year so I have a little more leeway time, but dang I am cutting it close. This planning needed to happen back in January or December not mid March.

What I have planned for NSS:

  • 35 new greeting cards (I have a feeling it will be closer to 20 when all is said and done. I have only given myself 3 weeks to draw everything)
  • Also working on R&D for some edge painted notecards. I am looking for the perfect paper that won’t break the bank.
  • I have so many ideas for card sets/games but this may have to wait until summer release

I did some wholesale outreach but not as much as previous months which you can see below.

Also this month my childcare fell through and I am working on finding a replacement solution. Terrible timing with my NSS goals that’s for sure.

So currently juggling all the things: Business...3 kids...Oh! And I am also building a house from scratch. 

Here is the tally for March:

  • 7 New Stores Contacted
  • 7 Handwritten Postcards Sent
  • 32 Follow Up Emails
  • 6 Promos w/ Handwritten Letters
  • 1 Packages w/ Promos and Handwritten Letter
  • 1 Wholesale Reorder (yay!)
  • 65 New Stores Vetted (ready to pitch)
  • 5 cards sent for a Giveaway I ran on Instagram
  • 1 Other Revenue Source (Taught a design workshop)
  • Drawings for 9 new cards

Moving on to April:

Focus here is going to be on getting my new release buttoned up and have letterpress plates ordered in the second week of the month. Then I will be printing and continuing to reach out to new stores.

I also need to plan and design my NSS mailer that I will be sending to all of the stores on my list. This is going to have to be a good one. Stationery companies go ALL OUT for their NSS mailers. I need to think of a way to stand out and to introduce my brand boldly using one piece of mail.

Other happenings:

I applied for 2 summer shows. One is a wholesale/retail show and the other is a strict wholesale show. Once I get through my NSS push my focus will be on the next release to coincide with the summer shows I am thinking about attending and as well as the other ones happening around the country (NYNow, Las Vegas Market, and the AmericasMart in Atlanta). 


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