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June Check-In and Summery Report

June Check-In and Summery Report

It has been pretty quiet over here on the blog but I have been very busy behind the scenes working. This progress report is going to be pretty brief mostly because I didn’t do a lot of writing last month so the details are a bit foggy. But I am going to try to capture all the things that went down and the results.

Time Management Lessons

June was a month that I didn’t plan enough for. With my big NSS Mailer going out in May I thought I would easily be able to move forward with my follow up plan: I wanted to send a reminder email to everyone I had mailed a physical mailer to. I only made it through 40 of the 144 I had sent out.

With the deadline of my NSS Special coming quick I decided my best course of action was to send a postcard. It wasn’t the ideal situation but I feel it was definitely better than nothing. It may not have resulted in any sales this time around, but at least I didn’t drop off into the abyss and leave them hanging.

Follow up is the most important part of the marketing phase and it’s something that I am still learning how to navigate.

I want my follow up emails to be less like full-on-form-emails and more personalized. Because of this they take some time to write. I definitely wished that I could have just put everyone on my list into my email marketing software and just sent a Broadcast out to the whole list–BUT this was a good exercise in learning how much time to budget when doing these types of mass mailings. I definitely didn't give myself enough time to do it properly this time around.

The rule that applies to design also applies here. Things always take longer than you think they will. 

For everything you think you need to do there steps you need to do that you didn't know you needed to take. But the good thing about doing new things is: you are constantly learning and growing. The next time around will be better if you are paying attention and learning from your mistakes.

Bunny Bear Press doing a pop up shop at Motif Hotel in Seattle

(above photo is at a Pop Up Shop I did at Motif Hotel in Seattle)

Other things that happened in June

My kids got out of school, so there were even less work hours than my usual scramble of trying to fit everything in.

I hired my sister to help me package a bunch of cards. Which was immensely helpful.

I did 2 Pop-Up Shops, and Urban Craft Uprising (a big weekend fair and a 1 day wholesale event) and then finished the month out with a family camping trip off the grid.

Craft Fair Booth for Bunny Bear Press

(above photo is at a Craft Fair I did in Seattle at Urban Craft Uprising)

June Stats

144 Postcards

19 event marketing emails for local events

19 follow up emails for those events

49 new newsletter subscribers

2 Giveaways

6 email newsletters to my list

Hit 1K Instagram Followers

2 Pop Up Shops

1 Big Craft Fair (Urban Craft Uprising)

1 Wholesale event (also at Urban Craft Uprising)

2 New Accounts

3 Reorders from previous Wholesale BFFs

Coming up for July

  • Renegade Craft Fair in Seattle on July 22-23
  • Working on my next release for August

Behind the scenes I am going to work on:

  • hiring someone to help me now that my sister is off digging in Greece (she is on an archeological dig and will be heading back to school to finish her Masters in the fall)
  • keeping my stock room organized and work on inventory management systems
  • writing more blog posts and newsletters than last month


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  • what worked and what didn't
  • stats about who I reached out to, how I reached out, and what responses I received

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