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How to write your own success story

How to write your own success story

Last post I talked about why I decided to switch the focus of my blog over from being about teaching you how to build deeper relationships using letter writing, to being more business focused. Truthfully this has been a bit of a mental transition for me.

I want to still provide valuable content for those who land here, but deciding what that kind of content should be has been something I have been mulling over for a few months.

When I read blogs I tend to gravitate towards the ones where I can learn something new. I like growing my knowledge base and reading about things that are of interest to me.

If I were to come across my site in the wild, I think I would want to read about how Bunny Bear Press got started. What struggles did the owner encounter? How was it able to go from a shop in a garage to something much bigger? What was that process like?

The thing about success stories is that they are usually written after the fact. And when that happens, sometimes struggles get glossed over, forgotten, or maybe even left out entirely from the story.

I would like my story to be a success story, sure. But, I would also like to look back and see the struggles. The struggles and sacrifices are what make the story interesting.

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Because of this I have decided to be really honest and transparent here. I am going to open up about what I am doing to make my business to grow, and what my path looks like in the success story I know I can write.

If I am not sharing as I go, then these details are going to be lost. And really, that does a disservice not only to the people wanting to follow in my path, but also to me and my own memories.

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I started Bunny Bear Press in 2010 and got my first real press in 2014 but I still feel as though I am starting out at square one. I have had some successes, but also some set backs. Unfortunately I haven't really documented any of that and so my memories of the last few years are foggy at best.

What matters though is that I am ready to start sharing now. I have grown up a lot in these last 3 years (since I started cranking out the cards), and my mindset has changed dramatically.

So what can You expect?

I am going to open my brain and pour all of my knowledge out into this blog. So expect most posts to be centered around:

  • how to start a paper goods product line
  • graphic design considerations for printed products
  • packaging tips
  • how to source materials and outside vendors
  • tips for selling goods wholesale and in person
  • geeking out about marketing and processes

I am also going to be sharing my big 2017 business goals:

  • what I am doing to achieve them
  • the results I have month by month
  • what worked and what didn't
  • stats about who I reached out to, how I reached out, and what responses I received

Wholesale is a bit of a mystery to a lot of people (myself included). There are starting to be a lot more resources out there for people looking to grow their businesses but I believe that more sharing can only be better than holding things back.

If you want to write your own success story then you actually need to sit down and write it. 

You need to set goals for yourself, hold yourself accountable, and share the journey.

My next post is going to be my January Check in report (Though this will come out mid to late February). I will layout what my main goal for the year is, my smaller January goal and some stats about how I made progress towards those goals and how I generally spent my time.

Is there anything that you would like to know about me or my processes? Send me an email and I will answer your questions on the blog so everyone can benefit.


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