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How to find your perfect life Balance

How to find your perfect life Balance

I have been a little quiet over here on my blog since I went away to a business conference and I am sorry for that. Going to seanwes Conference in Austin has been completely freeing and focus changing for my business. (Watch the video and see if you can find me at 1:20.)

I have been trying to wrap my brain around how I want to move forward with the feedback and things I learned while there and also figure out how to present these changes to you. But more on that in another post.

For this post I really want to focus on my personal journey these last couple months. There have been so many things I have wanted to do with my blog and business that have been in direct opposition of my own personal goals for my family and close relationships.

I have been writing a lot this year about making better, deeper, more meaningful friendships through the act of sending thoughtful, personal letters in the mail. But the time and energy that I was having to commit to putting out this content pulled me away from my own personal friendships.

Everything in life is a balance and trying to figure out what that balance is – is a balance act in of itself that is constantly changing and evolving.

One of the biggest takeaways I had from seanwes Conference was from Ben Toalson. He gave an amazing talk on How to Balance Work and Family Life. Ben said:

“Balance is not the goal. Balance is realized when you set your goals for each part of your life and take action.”

I am currently working on setting not only work and business goals for myself but also personal and family goals as well. “Balance” is going to look different for everyone.

If you are looking to achieve balance in your own life here in ONE THING that you need to do:
Take the time and figure out what your perfect life looks like and then design your goals around that picture. Having that life isn't going to happen by accident. You have to plan for, design around, and take action towards that.

When you design your life to your goals you are taking direct action on the things you have defined as being most important to you for you to lead the life you want.

Goal setting is something that I have only ever considered for my schooling, career, and now my business. Never something that I applied to my day to day life and personal relationships.

Thinking about working towards having the life I want through the lens of achieving a goal is very freeing.

I am very goal oriented and now I can make sure I focus on the things that matter to me and work towards making them happen. No more floating around allowing my days to blend together wondering where all the time went and what on earth I did with it.

You Are Enough, In Fact You Are Everything hand lettering by Bunny Bear Press

So for this week. I am writing a letter to my future self. And I hope you will to.

Here is the list of questions I am going to be answering. 

Click here to download your own handy copy!

Life Goals for 2017

1. What does your perfect day look like?


2. Pick one day in the week to have (as close as possible) this day. Write down which day that is and block it off in your calendar.


3. Which relationships are the most meaningful for you?


4. How can you spend at least 1 hour working on each of those relationships each week? Schedule it.


5. Where do you want to be in 10 years? Do a mind map and create that picture in each aspect of your life. Personal. Family. Friendships. Professional.


6. Break down that picture into 10 major steps (one for each year) and backwards build it.


7. What do you need to do next year to climb that first step? Backwards build it. Break it into smaller and smaller chunks until you have the smallest actionable steps for you to start working towards that goal.


8. Plug those steps into your calendar. Hold yourself accountable. If you need help being accountable - look back at who you wrote down for your most meaningful relationships. Ask those people to hold you accountable and check in with them throughout the year to make sure you are making progress towards your goals.


Take these steps each year and intentionally move your life where you want it to go.

You will have setbacks and victories but remember you will move faster with a plan than you will just living your routine day in and day out never making progress towards your Future Self's goals.


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