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February Check in Summary and Report

February Check in Summary and Report

I know I just did a check in report as my last post, but I decided to start publishing these at the beginning of February so I am getting caught up, and will release these at the beginning of the month from here on out through the rest of the year.

February has been a month of trying to avoid shiny object syndrome.

If you haven't heard that term before it basically means that you chase things that seem fun and interesting and you tend to put off other tasks that might not be as stimulating or give you immediate gratification.

Being a Creative and having shiny object syndrome go hand in hand. If you want to be an effective creative you need to be curious. You need to go down the rabbit hole sometimes to try new things and expand your skills. You need to experiment, tinker, and play. The only way to find your path, skills, and talents that align with your interests is through this experimentation.

If you want to be successful at business you need to have focus. Harnessing my inner desire to play is going to be my most difficult task of this year. Finding the fun in the tasks that will grow my business is going to be key.

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How did I spend my time in February?

My January Shiny Object Syndrome tangent was my first foray into artwork as a political statement (see my post here), for February it was testing out Facebook Ads the first 2 weeks of the month (this post to come soon). Basically, I wanted to see if I could drive traffic to my website with the upcoming Super Bowl of greeting cards and capitalize on last minute shoppers wanting fun, letterpress cards for their friends and loved ones.

To spare you the suspense it was a total bust, but I will share what I did and what I learned in a post later this month. 

Things I did that I get to check off my big checklist this month in business:

  • submitted a bunch of cards to Stationery Trends Magazine NSS Issue
  • created a Facebook Ad for VDay
  • printed 8 new cards, listed them on my website, updated wholesale line sheet
  • printed a promo that required 3 colors and 8 passes through my printing press
  • participated in 2 pop up shops at West Elm in Seattle and Bellevue, WA
  • started sending Promos and Samples out to retail buyers
  • created about 45 weeks of blog topics for an editorial calendar

Things I did in my personal life:

  • flew to LA to celebrate the birth of my nephew (trip duration 2 nights)
  • flew to Detroit to visit my Nana who was in the hospital (trip duration 2 days 1 night)
  • massive decision making on the house I am building 


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February Stats:

  • 2 New Stores Contacted
  • 10 Handwritten Postcards Sent
  • 35 Follow Up Emails
  • 10 Promos w/ Handwritten Letters
  • 6 Packages w/ Promos and Handwritten Letters
  • 1 Wholesale Order*
  • 38 New Stores Vetted (ready to pitch)
  • 2 Other Revenue Sources (2 pop-ups with West Elm and some retail sales through friends for VDay)

*note order I received was not in direct relation to my marketing outreach.


I was short of my revenue goal for this month. I focused the first half of this month on retail with the Facebook Ad bomb and the pop up shops I did at West Elm. Personal life stuff also threw me off balance in staying focused towards my wholesale goals.

I am really excited to be working with Period 6 Studio in Golden, Colorado! 

Now that I am back on my wholesale game I need to keep going down my funnel and continue to put new stores at the top of the funnel to keep things going so I don't put myself into a feast or famine type of situation down the road. I would like to keep things as even as possible with keeping the retail buying cycles in mind.

Going into March:

I am going to be all in on getting a good showing for the buyers going to the National Stationery Show (in May) even though I myself will not be attending.

These are the things I am going to be focused on completing:

  • Creating a physical catalog (This is a HUGE undertaking if you have never done one of these before)
  • Design and print cards for a May release with the aim to have about 50 cards in my line.
  • Creating some temporary tattoos for a custom client

April will be a month of marketing and outreach going into May. 



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