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Build the Perfect Pen Gal Kit in 5 Minutes

Build the Perfect Pen Gal Kit in 5 Minutes

A funny thing happened to me while I was working on getting my website ready to launch. I sent out a newsletter announcing my final launch date to my Pen Gals and got a reply from a friend. She asked me if I wanted to have her test the site before it went live? The thing is, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind. For some reason I just was thinking “when the site is ready I'll just push the button”.

I didn't have any checklist in place for what I needed to do to actually get it out the door.

When you are doing something new that you have never done before, sometimes it’s not only a matter of not knowing what to do, but also not even knowing what questions to ask.

In order to make jumping into letter writing as easy as possible for you I have put together an easy checklist to help you create a Pen Gal kit.

This Kit will help you to streamline your letter writing station so that every time you go to write a letter you will have everything you need, all in one easy to get to location. The less you have to look for things, the easier it is to get started, and the more likely you are to follow through on sending out your letters!

Enter your email below if you want to download and print the pretty version of my Perfect Pen Gal Kit Checklist to keep in your kit. 



O Find a basket or container

The easiest way to start a habit is to create a way to make it easy to do. If you have a container dedicated to writing letters, you don’t have to constantly search for your supplies each time.

O Collect your paper supplies

You can make your own stationery and/or start stocking up on cards from your favorite stationery companies.

Pro Tip 1: If you decide to make your own, have a supply of envelopes and paper cut to size ready to go.

Pro Tip 2: Whenever you are in your favorite gift shops or out and about keep an eye out for cards that speak to you or you feel like would be perfect for your friends.

O Buy some fun stamps

When I go to the post office I like to see what fun ones they have. But you can also buy stamps online, and places like Costco, the grocery store or even at some ATMs.

O Put in a Pen or 2

If you dont have to go searching for a pen every time you sit down it makes it easier to write when the inspiration strikes.

Pro Tip: Find a pen or 2 that you enjoy writing with and keep it in your kit.

O Compile List of Addresses

Having a list of your pen gal addresses in your kit is helpful so you never have to look them up.

O Keep In sight and easy to access

Put your kit in an easy to access location so that it’s ready when you are

Bonus Tip!

Have a custom self inking rubber stamp made with your return address on it so you never have to write that again!

Self Inking Custom Stamp Image

After you build your kit take a picture and share it with me on Instagram by tagging your photo with #thepengals and #pengalkit hashtags! It will be fun to see how awesome your kit turns out!

This week I will be writing a letter to thank a friend for some help I received on my website. Who are you going to write to?


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