Everyone loves to get fun mail! Send your bestie a Valentine's Day Card!

April is National Letter Writing Month!

April is National Letter Writing Month!

I am one day late to the game since I totally forgot about April being National Letter Writing Month, and didn't realize it until I saw all my fellow stationers posting about it on Instagram today. 

The Write On Campaign was started by Hello Lucky Cards and Egg Press back in 2014 and has taken off in a big way on Instagram. The #write_on hashtag has over 17,000+ tags and it will be growing by the day the whole month of April.


DRUM ROLL PLEASE...The Write_On team and partners @eggpress, @helloluckycards, @sakuraofamerica, and @mohawkpaper are thrilled to welcome you to Day 1 of the 30 day Write_On Challenge! 🎉📬🎉Whether your goal this month is 30 letters, or just an important few, we hope our thoughtful blog posts, generous giveaways, and inspiring Reasons to Write will compel you to write, write and write some more. Please visit writeoncampaign.com (link in profile!) as your hub for useful tools to employ throughout the Challenge. You'll find: ✔️Kits (yes, we still have some!!) ✔️Daily Reasons to Write ✔️The official Write_On Badge ✔️The Event Calendar ✔️The Write_On Blog #write_on #reasonstowrite #30lettersin30days #mail #snailmail

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I love the idea of this campaign for so many reasons. But mainly because it perfectly mirrors my mission of creating deeper more meaningful friendships through the act of letter writing. 

I decided I wanted to contribute in some way so I decided to create a PDF list of 30 things you can write about for every day of the month! 

You can send 30 letters to different people or send all of them to one person.

You don't even have to send one every day to win at National Letter Writing Month.

If you send ONE you are a WINNER in my book!

Download the FREE LIST here! 

And then share it with your NEW Pen Gals (pals)! (Click to Tweet Here!)

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Get an awesome grab bag of Mystery Greeting Cards!

Do you need some cards for all the letters you are going to be writing this month? 

I am putting together some mystery bag bundles of cards for you to order! All you need to do is choose if you want sweet or sassy (with colorful language) and leave the rest up to me! I will put together groupings of 7 of my favorites and best selling cards! Perfect for a whole weeks worth of letters!

(Note: All orders will ship in the second week of April due to previous time commitments)

Click here to purchase the SWEET SET of cards!

SWEET SET mystery bag bundle sample set for National Letter Writing Month

Click here to purchase the SASSY SET of cards!

SASSY SET mystery bag bundle sample set for National Letter Writing Month


And don't forget to share you letters with the whole letter writing community using the hashtag #write_on on Instagram!


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