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5 Ways to Find More Time in your Busy Day to Write to your Besties

5 Ways to Find More Time in your Busy Day to Write to your Besties

I think the best advice for starting any thing is to just do it. We all live busy lives and when we aren’t busy we find things to fill the time.

Any new thing I take on takes several times of intentionally repeating it before it becomes part of what I just do and letter writing isn't an exception. I actually struggle with writing casual letters and remembering to send out cards for birthdays and holidays >.<

I’d like to think it’s just because I am around cards all the time so I forget to send them because I have become blind to them. But that’s basically bullshit. We all make the time for the things that matter. Check out my last post about my pledge to write more letters.

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Here are 5 ways to find more time in your busy day to write letters:


Put it into your schedule at a time where you usually have a lull. This way it wont be easy to blow off because you're in the middle of something else.

Now, set a reminder on your phone. 

I am putting aside time on Sunday Nights after my kids go to bed and before I go to bed to write one letter to someone.

**Extra Credit: Add reminders to your phone for the days you need to mail specialty cards so they arrive in time for holidays and birthdays.


Set up a Pen Gal Kit and keep it in an easily accessible location. I am going to go more in depth about this Kit next Thursday. Enter your email below if you want early access to my Perfect Pen Gal Kit Checklist.


Plan ahead.

Decide who you want to send a surprise message to over the next month. Decide what day you will be sending your letters and enter them into your calendar reminder you set on your phone.

**Extra Credit: Address your envelopes ahead of time so they are ready to go!


Find a partner. Take the Pledge. (Like I did last week)

It could be a pen pal/gal but it doesn't have to be. When you have someone checking in on a commitment you made (especially if it's one you make together) you're much more likely to follow through. 


Make it a priority.

A commitment to do something no matter how big or small all comes down to how you prioritize your time. If something is important to you, and you make a serious commitment to it, it suddenly becomes easier to get done. 

So stop procrastinating! And go back to tip 4. 

This week I will be writing a letter to an old college friend. Who will you write to?


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