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Take the Pen Gal Pledge–Write More to Deepen your Friendships

Take the Pen Gal Pledge–Write More to Deepen your Friendships

Today I am making a pledge to change my communication ways.

I want to disconnect more from online social media as a way of staying connected with my IRL friends, and use it more as a way to connect with You, and my online community.

Lately, I have been using social media very differently than I used to. Originally it was a way for me to build networks of people I knew IRL.

People I went to school with (Facebook), people I worked with (Linked-in), Then I began to follow people I didn’t know–celebrities, pop culture and also people I admired in my field (Twitter).

I then started collecting images I found interesting and wanted to catalog on Pinterest. It wasn’t really until I started creating content with purpose for Instagram that my whole opinion of social media began to change.

Creativity is Not Finite Artwork by Bunny Bear Press

I stopped being strictly a content consumer and began my journey into online content creation. I have also begun curating that content.

I am no longer posting random pictures of my kids (and I could be because they are seriously adorable) nor what I had for breakfast. I am very deliberate with the content I put out there but not only that, I am also very deliberate with the content that I consume.

Instead of using social media as a way to keep tabs on what people I know are up to, I use it as a way to expand my knowledge of things I am interested in.

Nowadays, I mostly consume things that inspire me to be a better version of myself–business and marketing articles, and art. I also use it for cheering on other designers and stationery companies I admire.

I’m still staying on Facebook, I’m not signing off all together. This way I can still can stay connected to the people who’ve come into my life one way or another, for sharing a quick thought here and there, and maybe a family photo to the masses. But all my other social accounts will all be focused on all things geared towards helping You deepen Your friendships using hand written notes and letters. 

The Pen Gals Club Lettering Artwork

This is why I started The Pen Gal Club. And this is what brings me to my pledge.

For those in my inner circle,  and my real-life friendships, I want to try something else. Something old, tried and true.

I’m going ANALOG. Going deep and strengthening those bonds. 

I pledge to write at least letter a week until the end of 2016. 

Stack of letterpress greeting cards made by Bunny Bear Press


Sending something more tangible than a text message or sharing a quick photo, something that can actually be held in your friend's hands, looked at 1,000 times, recycled or kept in a shoe box is powerful.

It doesn’t matter where these messages end up, the important part is that my fleeting feelings, moments, and memories are captured in a more physical manner, something that can be held.

When I write my thoughts things down and put them into the post, I feel as though those feelings, moments, and memories become transferred to the person who is reading them and that is truly a powerful thing.

Will you take The Pen Gal Pledge with me? 

This week I am writing a letter to my older sister. Who will you write to?


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