Everyone loves to get fun mail! Send your bestie a Valentine's Day Card!

Turn Good Friends into Best Friends in just 10 minutes a week

Turn Good Friends into Best Friends in just 10 minutes a week

Last week I talked about how I feel when I get letters but for today I want you to think about how YOU feel when you receive something in the mail you weren't expecting?

Go ahead, close your eyes take a moment and try to pin a finger on what that feels like for you.

Imagine you head to your mailbox to grab the daily supply of junk, bills, catalogs you don’t care about, catalogs you do care about, and magazines you subscribe to. Now imagine that an unexpected colorful envelope falls out of the pile of recyclables. Does it make you feel how I do? Warm? Happy? Loved?

Pile of letters neatly tied with a bow


Now imagine that you receive one of these letters from your bestie every week.

Now mind you it’s not like the pages and pages of secret notes you used to pass to each other between school periods, it’s just little tidbits, memories, thoughts, well wishes.

And every week you send one back.

This consistency helps build a foundation for a lifelong friendship that can weather some bumps in the road. People get busy, there isn’t always enough time to get together especially if you live far apart or if you are starting to build your family.

Digital communication is great when you want an instant reply, but the happiness results are just as fleeting. Nothing digital can compare to getting a handwritten letter from someone who is special to you.

Starting something new and trying to make it a habit is hard.

Do you ever sit down to do something and it takes 3 times as long as you thought it would? Then you tell yourself "I'll never do that again"? 

You can decide that what ever you were trying just wasn't for you. But sometimes when this happens it just means that you aren’t being as efficient as you can be with the time you have. 

I am guilty of this all the time! I am the queen of procrastination, but after having kids I have found I don’t have the luxury of time as much as I used to. Sometimes you just need to get some shit done. 

Writing letters has been something that has fallen low on my to do list in the past. But I now realize that a big reason for that was because I wasn’t being as efficient as I could be with how I was managing my time.


Here are 3 of my BEST letter writing hacks to help you save time and help you make letter writing a part of your routine.


Schedule your writing time! You only need to set aside 10 minutes a week.

When you schedule something you are giving it weight and importance. You are telling yourself that this matters. When your notification goes off you’ll be more likely to sit down and write that letter to your bestie.

I don’t watch a lot of TV but one moment from season one of “The Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt” has stood out in my mind. The main character says “You can stand anything for 10 seconds” as she counts to 10 over and over again. 

For some reason this thought really stuck with me. And I feel like if something important enough me I can take 10 minutes a week to dedicate to it.


Make a list of everyone in your #GirlSquad you want to send letters to in the near future, pull out your supply of envelopes and address them all ahead of time. This can actually be your first 10 minute session. Gather all the addresses at once and then do it assembly line style! 

Writing addresses is actually the toughest part of letter writing for me. So when I batch them like this I don’t have to dread doing it every time I sit down to write a letter.


Make it short and sweet! Don't feel like you need to write in long form, the most powerful part of receiving an unexpected letter is the surprise and pleasure they feel because you cared enough to take the time to send them something special.

The secret to deepening bonds is consistency over time. The hardest part is getting started.

Next week I will be sharing my letter writing goals for the rest of 2016, and how I am going to use the power of commitment to make it happen.


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